Brainworx bx_rooMS

Brainworx bx_rooMS


M/S Power. Authentic Space. Total Control.

New from the masters of mid-side processing, bx_rooMS is a breathtaking reverb and the next frontier in simulation of acoustic spaces and mechanical plates. At its core, Brainworx's new space-meister features unparalleled realism, superb sound quality, and a huge collection of virtual rooms, halls, churches, plates and ambience. But bx_rooMS also empowers you to shape your virtual spaces in unusual and extremely powerful ways, adding mid-side parametric filtering, center-image panning and width control of the reverb's stereo field.

The key to bx_rooMS' realism and versatility lies in its embedded TrueSpace technology, which explodes the number of included reverb algorithms to create a virtually infinite number of room sizes and shapes. While currently available reverb technologies emulate a fixed set of space types, such as Room, Hall, Church etc. (often called algorithms) and then offer a limited range of possible sizes for each of them, TrueSpace provides a continuous range of unique space types (or algorithms) while always making available the full range of possible sizes. 

Quick Select buttons give you a great starting point to work from. And of course, you can adjust all the fundamental parameters you would expect for a reverb plugin, including reverb time, room size, pre-delay, and low- and high-frequency damping. But bx_rooMS lets you do so much more. Adjust the Room Shape control to warp the reverb's characteristically smooth response, placing trap drums in a metallic silo. Use the Source Distance control to move the dry signal for an electric guitar solo farther out into your virtual room. Tweak the Directivity control to adjust how much each side of a stereo background-vocal subgroup is fed into the opposite reverb channel. Lower the reverb's bit depth to emulate classic reverbs from yesteryear. Use the modulation controls to lend subtle movement to natural ambience or, at extreme settings, produce dive-bombing reverb!

With bx_rooMS, you control the reverb's stereo image. Use Brainworx's famous Mono Maker control to collapse bass frequencies in the wet signal to the phantom center, adding focus to the reverb's bottom end and clarifying the hard-panned edges of your sonic space. Pan the reverb's mid channel to correct a lopsided soundstage or to creatively change the room's virtual geometry—without narrowing the reverb's expansive width. Crank the Stereo Width control for more spacious reverb and bigger-sounding mixes than simple panning can achieve. Apply Brainworx's ultra-transparent mid-side filters to discrete channels to shape the reverb's spectral balance without smearing, clarifying and sitting it perfectly in even the most complex mix. With almost 200 outstanding presets to get you started—including patches contributed by expert mix engineers—bx_rooMS offers unique reverbs suited to every music production and genre.

bx_rooMS' powerful control set also lets you work quickly and with confidence. The Fix Mix control locks your current wet/dry balance as you browse different presets. Solo the wet signal while you fine-tune the reverb's parameters. Click the Input Bypass button to temporarily mute the reverb's input, letting you evaluate the reverb tail as it naturally fades out. Many controls have dedicated bypasses for making instant, easy comparisons.

Mid-side processing is unequaled in its ability to transform stereo mixes. Now you can harness that power in the most realistic and versatile reverb processor ever: bx_rooMS.

Supported Formats
AAX AudioSuite, AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3
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  • Stunning simulations of rooms, halls, churches, plates and ambience.
  • TrueSpace technology provides a continuous range of unique space types while always making available the full range of possible sizes, giving you a virtually infinite number of possible room shapes and sizes accessible via just a few straightforward parameters.
  • Quick Select buttons easily produce settings for five different environments of three sizes each, starting you off with a solid acoustic response before you quickly hone the space to taste.
  • Continuously variable Stereo Width control adjusts reverb field from mono to stereo to super-wide stereo.

I get a smile from ear to ear when I start tweaking the parameters of Brainworx plugins.

Dave Reitzas Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Nathalie Cole

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